PROBIOTICS – Am I taking the right one?

Probiotics may:

-Increase immunity
-Restore gut flora after antibiotics
-Relieves IBS
-Reduces and relieves acute diarrhoea
-Reduces food allergies and eczma especially in children
-Helps support immunity in children

Essentially we are full of micro organisms, bacteria, yeast and even viruses. Unfortunately an overgrowth of bad bacteria, yeast and even viruses can cause havoc in your body. The immune system should be healthy and vital enough to fight these nasties. One way to improve your immune system is to flood your gut with good bacteria.

Very specific strains of good bacteria can help with very specific ailments mentioned above.

A few ways you can help your good v’s bad bacteria balance is to:

1. Reduce sugar intake. Sugar includes hidden sugars such as those found in processed foods and alcohol.

2. Reduce yeast. Breads should be good quality grain, fresh and eaten in moderation.

3. Stress can affect your balance and create candida thoughout the body. We have found with our own case studies in the clinic that thrush in women can be caused by emotional stress within your personal relationships. NET removes this stress from your body so you can be healthy.

4. Always use very mild oil based soaps. Never douche, an over acidic environment in the vagina can cause an imbalance and therefore thrush.

5. Basic nutrition – drink plenty of water, avoid overindulging in acidic foods such as coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, orange and tomato juice,red meat and sugar.

6. A preventative probiotic may help but it’s first important to diagnose exactly what your gut problem is by using Applied Kinesiology and then given appropriate treatment. Specific treatments to you are not guess work, therefore much more cost effective.