Who We See at Coastal Chiropractic

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Who We See at Coastal Chiropractic

We have two chiropractors here at Coastal Chiropractic in Burleigh. (Dr Mylene Goodwin and Dr Brad Jones) have a combined experience of 35 years and we help to treat people of all age groups.  Call us to find out how we may be able to help you and your family.

Children & Young Adults

Chiropractic may be of assistance in the treatment of young people. Chiropractic treatment methods are gentle and effective as this is the most important factor for any chiropractic treatment here at Coastal Chiropractic and Wellbeing. Posture, ergonomics regarding computer use, mobile phones and exercise are all important issues to address for children and young adolescents.  Ask us how we may be of help to your family – we make it so much fun too!

Seniors & the Elderly

We tailor our treatment depending on the patient. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, previous operations and medications are all carefully considered.

Our body changes significantly as we age; decreased range of motion, arthritis, digestive problems, vertigo, decrease in balance and co ordination, insomnia, muscular aches and pains and nutritional deficiencies are common age-related complaints.

Chiropractic along with Applied Kinesiology techniques may be of assistance in helping to address your health concerns. Call us today to find out more.