Preconception care for both of you should ideally start 6 weeks to 3 months before even trying to fall pregnant depending on your level of health.

Only an experienced practitioner can sit down with you and thoroughly evaluate your history, current state of health and emotional equilibrium regarding starting a family and your own childhood.

We cannot emphasize enough how a healthy body can help create a healthy egg and the lucky sperm to to create an unbelievably beautiful healthy baby. That’s why it always takes two and both parents should be assessed.

A general pre-conception multivitamin can help, but what if you are chemically out of sorts and need higher levels of specific nutrients and herbs for fertility? Some may need a liver detox which not only will make you feel fantastic but also increases your chances of falling pregnant and reduces your chances of exposing a potential developing foetus to toxins. If you are already pregnant or suspect it, a detox is contraindicated and we need a new plan to ensure a comfortable pregnancy for a happy healthy baby right to term.

Your personal history and sometimes even your own mother’s history may create blocks in really wanting to fall pregnant. NET can help clear history’s baggage that can affect fertility and then we can be sure you mentally and emotionally want a beautiful healthy baby!