Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing

Allergy, Intolerance and Sensitivity Testing

With so much confusion around food allergies, food intolerance and food sensitivities we are here to help clear some things up for you with allergy testing using Kinesiology.

So what is the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance?

An allergy is when the body reacts to the protein on a substance ingested, inhaled or contacted.  Symptoms of an allergy include; wheezing, rashes, runny nose and most seriously anaphylaxis.  Coeliac disease is a little different, this is when your own body attacks the lining of the bowel after ingesting the protein gluten and this is an autoimmune response.

A food intolerance or food sensitivity may not show up in allergy testing as there may not be an immune response but you cannot ignore those “blah” feelings you get; mild headaches, full-blown migraines, gut symptoms and irritability when you consume certain foods.

Common food intolerances include lactose, amines (found in fruit and vegies, cheese and chocolate), glutamates (found in tomatoes, soy sauce and mushrooms), salicylates (some fruits and veggies), sulfites (preservatives) or fermentable oligo- di- and mono-saccharides and polyols (FODMAPS) found in certain and grains, fruits, veggies, dairy, legumes and of course gluten.

For the month of June we are offering a full examination consultation focusing on your gut health, immunity, allergy test and food intolerance testing using Applied Kinesiology.  The goal here would be to show you which exact foods you are CURRENTLY sensitive to.

We will then ask you to remove those items from your diet for a specific amount of time to allow your gut to heal and may provide you with additional nutritional support which may include; pre/pro-biotics, anti-bacterial oils or herbs, liver cleanses, digestive enzymes etc.  Sometimes food sensitivities are associated with stress which can also be tested.

The best way to test for a true intolerance is the elimination diet in order to heal the gut and then reintroduce the specific food to gauge response.

With our system we can provide you with the exact foods for you to eliminate (not just eliminating ALL FOODS as the traditional Elimination Diet offers). More importantly, you are healing the gut so that you are able to happily eat those foods that you were once sensitive to. Note that some foods may still factor as intolerant after this process.

Below you will find a list of food sensitivities that we will test for you. Please feel free to add any more specific foods that are problematic for you if needed.  Your visit will be 20 minutes long and with a fee of just $65 (this includes your usual adjustment as well).

Please do not underestimate the damage food can cause – imagine if we could SEE the damage to our bowels! Make the most of this great offer as it expires on June 30th (this testing can also be done thereafter but for a slightly higher fee).

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