Dr. Brad Jones

Dr Brad Jones

Dr Brad Jones

Dr Brad Jones has over 13 years of clinical experience applying the art science and philosophy of Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology. He has treated all ages from pre/post natal and newborns to treating his 93 year old grandparents!

Since having his first adjustment as a teenager, Brad has been fascinated with how the human body functions and heals with the help of chiropractic care! Brad has passionately devoted the past 17 years of his life to understanding the innate healing capacity of the human body and striving to perfect the art of facilitating optimal nervous system connection between the brain and body.

Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Techniques (NET) and functional nutrition are just some of the methods that Brad employs to uncover these disconnections and uses gentle techniques to enhance the body.

Having travelled and worked in various countries and taken a journey of personal understanding and realisation, Brad is empathetic to your needs and provides a safe space for you to be yourself and allow healing to occur.

Brad was privileged to have spent a year training under one of the best Paediatric Applied Kinesiology practitioners in the world. This allowed Brad the understanding of what difficulties children are faced with when their bodies are not expressing their full potential. Sadly there is not enough awareness about how essential it is for newborns and children to have their spines assessed for functional neurological disconnections.

Brad has a keen interest in challenging himself with running and surfing. By restoring the nerve flow through the body, can assist athletes in their strength, concentration, balance and flow to maximize performance. Most high profile athletes eg: Usain Bolt, Kelly Slater and Sonny Bill Williams all have Chiropractors to help them maximize results. Whether you aspire for greatness or love the outdoors as a weekend warrior, Chiropractic with Dr Brad Jones is for you.

Outside from clinical practice, Brad enjoys being in nature, frequenting the local farmer’s organic markets and putting on his chef hat and creating paleo or raw food delights. He can be seen surfing the Gold Coast’s best beaches, pumping up doing crossfit, mellowing out with yoga or pilates and dancing some salsa and jive.